Haiti 2011

missions_haiti2011Medical Clinic in the Village of Ranquitte

  • Team size: 10 + local translators
  • Duration of mission: 10 days (July 25 – August 5)
  • Patients treated: ~3,000

After 8 hours of sitting on narrow wooden slats while bouncing along nearly impassable dirt roads the team, assembled by Peacework Medical Projects, arrived in the village of Ranquitte where we set up a medical aid clinic in a crumbling schoolhouse. Over the course of the next 10 days people came from hours and hours away to be seen. The purpose of the trip was to reduce the incidents of cholera, which was ravaging the region. To that end, every patient seen in the clinic had to attend a cholera education session where they were taught simple things they could do to prevent cholera. We saw to the construction of sustainable water treatment tanks at common sites of water collection. We also assisted at the local cholera clinic, providing essential medication and consulting.



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