We are currently working in the town of Ranquitte, Haiti. Located 4 hours north of Port Au Prince in the Nord region, Ranquitte currently lacks power or water. The rural region is home to approximately 20,000 people who are in serious need of access to health care and basic amenities. Read below to see what we’re doing to help.

Build: We hire local workers to build homes for families within the community who would otherwise not be able to provide a roof over their own heads.

Educate: We offer scholarships for higher education in order to provide children with knowledge and skills that can directly benefit their community. Scholarship recipients can are given the option to provide service to the local community after completing schooling or repaying their interest-free loan so it can be reinvested in the community.

Heal: We provide communities with medical supplies, and we help staff clinics that lack the ability to provide sufficient healthcare to locals. We take full advantage of our medical background as Paramedics, Nurses, and Physician Assistants.

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