Uganda 2007

missions_ugandaRefugee Camp at Busia

  • Team size: 2 + the locals
  • Duration of mission: ~40 days (Dec 2007 – Jan 2008)
  • Patients treated: Thousands

We traveled to Uganda to do clinic and orphanage work in and around Jinja, Uganda. While we were there, violence broke out in Kenya following their first ever democratic elections. “Secure” refugee camps were set up at the border with Uganda and we traveled there to help out as much as we could. The refugee camp was 75 miles from where we were. It took 4 hours to get there by truck, just to offer some idea of what it’s like to operate in the 3rd world.

It was an eclectic effort. We played with orphans, did some maintenance work, delivered babies in a remarkable non-western format (no drugs, no stirrups, no air conditioning), treated everything from stress headaches to stab wounds, unloaded thousands of pounds of food. Africa Cup of Nations was also happening at this time. So we also drank some beer and watched soccer. It would have been offensive if we didn’t.


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