Haiti 2012

Medical Clinic in the Village of Ranquitte


  • Team size: 10 + local translators
  • Duration of project: 11 days (July 9 – July 20 2012)
  • Patients treated: ~3,000

This was the return to Haiti. By now only a handful of brave NGO’s were still operating in the country. Peacework Medical and Ropa de Relief were among them. The cholera prevention efforts of the previous year were successful, so much so that the cholera clinic had been shut down for lack of patients. We continued cholera education, to prevent a resurgence and ran a clinic that saw us challenged by a few critical patients. The Rural Roof Project continued and we expanded our efforts to build water treatment tanks and began making plans to build a permanent clinic in the area which is a major step on the road to the region becoming self sufficient.

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  1. Rom
    11.08.14 at 15:53

    Tony, selfless acts like yours and that of your cotorhs working in Haiti are inspiring to say the least. You were there for the Haitian people when they needed you most. Thanks for sharing this amazing video of your experience. Eric Eric Ruth s last blog ..

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