Our Mission

Mission Statement: At Ropa de Relief, we support communities in need by providing long-term solutions, as well as immediate needs. We believe in the autonomy of communities, and work with community members to solve problems. We provide resources that empower people to better themselves and in turn, their communities. We foster relationships in the communities we help by visiting them and offering our personal and professional skills.  This is accomplished by focusing on three key areas to development: Building, Education, and Healing.


Build: Using local builders to fill needs in the community such as homes and clinics.  This creates jobs to boost their economy, provides shelter where there is none, as well as a sense of security.
Educate: We promote and support community health education, to encourage members to make more positive choices for themselves and their family.  We also provide scholarships for higher education in fields that the community is without. Education breeds positive change and we believe that is key to empowering communities.
Heal: We take full advantage of our collective medical background to provide healthcare where resources are limited. This means staffing, funding, and equipping local clinics, as well as partnering with other organizations to make the best use of our skills and resources.

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