We are brothers and friends, entrenched in street culture since as far back as we can remember. We are entrepreneurs. Some of us are trained as paramedics. Some are artists (good for creative solutions) some are mechanically inclined (good for actually getting things done) some know how to work a computer (imperative) and there’s one guy that always lets us know right when it’s lunchtime (maybe not so imperative). Together we make a functioning team. We have no political agenda. We have no religious agenda. It’s simple really. We believe that if a person is hungry, they should be fed. If a person is sick, they should be cared for. If a person is naked (and not happy about it) they should be clothed.

We ally ourselves with organizations that have similar values and have been doing these things longer and better to affect the greatest amount of change. We often go into the field ourselves, leaving our modest home office filled from floor to ceiling with product, boxes, tape, and shipping labels in exhange for the open sky and broken, impossible-to-travel roads in countries forgotten, to find those people that are sick, hungry, and naked (again, only the unhappy ones) and do our best to help them fix it.

But we are nothing without you.


Our parents raised us right. They taught us to think for ourselves. We got into a lot of trouble. Then they regretted teaching us to think for ourselves. But we grew up some. And their blood pressures went down. We learned to hustle. We traveled the world. Mostly in places on the State Department’s Travel Warning List (Parent’s B/P re-elevated). We looked around. And we saw injustice. It haunted us.

Sitting on a curb outside a bar one hot summer night in a desert city where every night is a hot summer night, two brothers, one sober as a judge, the other sober enough to sit on the curb, sat with our heads in our hands, thinking (it hurt). We hatched a plan. We would use what we knew to fix the injustice we could no longer abide.

We would hustle. And we would struggle. And we would dig deeper. Always deeper. We would recruit friends and family and like-minded individuals. And together we would affect change. We aren’t delusional enough to think that we’re going to save the world. We have a one person at a time approach. So if you ask the right person on the right day, our efficacy will be obvious.

We are Ropa de Relief. Ropa de Relief directly translates the profits from our love of street culture, hustling, and the gear you were going to buy at the stupid mall anyway, into medical aid, food, clothing, and shelter for less fortunate people around the globe.

Welcome to the movement

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