Student Scholarships

Roughly a year ago, we began our scholarship program for students in Ranquitte, Haiti. We provided 1 year of school, uniforms, and books for the kids, who would otherwise be unable to attend. When I asked what the kids wanted to be when they grew up, they answered teachers, police, nurses, and doctors. It goes without saying, that all of these professions would be extremely valuable to the community. It’s not difficult to understand that these scholarships are an amazing investment ($90 per student) and the return is measurable not just in dollars, but securing the future of the children, families, and community they are a part of. Last year we provided scholarships for 11 children, with the guarantee that we would pay for their schooling until they graduated high school. This year, we will provide scholarships for the 11 kids, and any extra money will go towards additional scholarships, with the same guarantee for schooling through high school. With your help we’ll send more kids to school every year. Scroll down for the donation button, and please spread the word!

4 of the kids: Faustin, Anngela, Jonathan, Zamy after school