So it’s been a week since I got back from Haiti. I made the daring, but unwise decision to work 12 hours after returning, which was exhausting, mentally and physically. Now that I have a real day off from work, I figured an informative post was in order.

This trip served as a means to document past and current projects, as well as coordinate the details for future works. Here’s how it all breaks down.

-We’ve got 36 houses in need of roofs, and will be raising funds for 2 roofs ($400/roof) each month. We’ll post info and pictures about the families each month so that you, as a donor, get a better idea of the huge impact you’re making.

-We have 6 school-age kids receiving scholarships ($90/year) right now. Now, this isn’t just a one-time thing, but rather they will be covered for the entirety of their schooling until college (approximately 5 years). We get copies of their report cards every semester, and an agreement that they have to pass. There are plenty of other kids who need scholarships, but they go to different schools, so we’re in the process of determining a reliable means to pay their tuition and receive report cards.

Typing this out, I can’t help but think we can do more, but I know that it’s not an option to blindly toss money at these problems. We have to ensure that the funds being sent go to those in need and not people looking to profit from charity. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that we seek to empower those in need, which means you have to prevent exploitation in the process. It’s an unfortunate reality, but something that comes with the territory.

Keep an eye on the site for more info and pics!

Thanks for reading and spread the word!



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