Jillian’s Encore

Here is the follow up to Jillian’s first post and a few of her photos. She survived. Thrived even.


imageI have been back from Ranquitte for less than a week and already miss it. These people are not helpless, they are hopeful. They are some of the most capable and hard working people I have ever gotten the privilege of sharing such a short period of time with. They don’t just care for their families but their neighbors and strangers as well. Watching them take care of each other was breathtaking. There is no question of who deserves what more because of good behavior. You help those that need to be helped… Without question.
We had well over a dozen Haitian volunteers come out to do time consuming and physically laborious jobs not because they wanted something out of it but because they believe in the betterment of their community. Given the resources I don’t believe there would be much these folks couldn’t achieve. They are hungry for education, for proper housing, and for jobs.
I had the opportunity to spend some real one on one time with a few of the locals who graciously invited me to view their homes and meet their families. One man in particular wanted to show me how far he has come with his home. It was roughly 600 square feet and three rooms. What he sees is lacking is a roof. While in my American eyes I’m thinking, “toilet, shower, floors, lights…so on and so forth”. I asked him how long will it take for him to complete this house. 2 years. He needs a $200 to finish his roof and that will take him 2 years to save that amount. I wanted to run to a bank and just give it to him. Obviously I couldn’t because they aren’t banks in Ranquitte. But the truth is, there are hundreds of people that have the same story and it’d be unfair to choose the person who talked to you first instead of figuring out the severity of the needs of all these people.
I can guarantee this trip impacted all of us in a variety of ways. It has opened my eyes to how the little we give can make such a huge impact of the quality of life for these Haitian people. It’s unbelievable how far a dollar can take them.
For me, this trip just furthered my love for what Ropa and Peacework are doing. I’m excited to have the first hand experience and to continue my education in medicine to be able to help in more ways.

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  1. bob lange
    02.08.14 at 07:04

    Nice article-if you get the chance, read “an American in Gandhi’s India” about Samuel Stokes and you’ll see what a difference 1 person can make. Keep up the good work!!

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