Clinic Update

It’s done.

Well, almost. There’s a Peacework team heading to Haiti at the end of January to put finishing touches on the building. Paint. Shelves. Make it look like a clinic and make it livable for volunteers who might be kind enough to staff it for a few shifts.

Thanks is in order to everyone who contributed. In a very real way, your efforts made it across the ocean to a small island in the Caribbean. There they were mixed with the efforts of the the people in Ranquitte region. And what came of it is something that none of us could have done all alone. What came of it is something that will greatly improve the lives of many.

Initially, we had no intention of building a clinic in the region. Then we developed the intention. Then we figured it would take a looooong time to complete the process. But it didn’t. I believe it took less than 6 months. This is one of those rare occasions where things all fell into place with less struggle than we had prepared for. I hope I’m not jinxing it. But I believe the reason it worked out the way it did is because many hands make for light work.

On behalf of the Haitians, Peacework, and Ropa, thank you all.

I will post photos of the clinic when we get back in January.

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