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While Colten was wrapping up his Haiti mission, the rest of us were relaxing in first world comforts, watching some live music, and doing some fundraising. The event at Cartel Coffee Lab (cartelcoffeelab.com) in Tempe was a blast and we were able to raise over $500 by donations and shirt sales! Local musicians Dain Griffin (daingriffin.bandcamp.com). Tanner Swift, and The Riveras (riverasband.com) made love to our ears that evening, and several unsuspecting coffee drinkers who wandered in found out about Ropa de Relief. All in all, it was a great time and I have to give a special thanks to The Riveras who have let us table shows with them in the past and donated 100% of merch sales at the event to Ropa de Relief.

Dain Griffin

Tanner Swift

The Riveras

A lot of people helped out with this event, in fact too many to name. It’s difficult to put in to words (or type) how fortunate I feel to know people willing to donate their time and money for a cause that can easily be ignored. Most of the people present at this event have never been to Haiti, nor will they ever go, but they still understand the importance of the clinic being built. It’s pretty inspirational stuff.

As I’m typing this, it’s impossible not to think that compassion is resilient and pervasive, a fire that will not burn itself out. Fire needs heat, oxygen, and fuel. Consider the challenges in Haiti as the heat and the quiet, but constant work of progress as the oxygen. That leaves us (including the Haitians themselves) to be the fuel. Combustible, but in limited supply, we can feed the flames and ensure that if it’s dwindling, barely smoldering, it will be roaring soon enough. Let’s keep this fire going, until the heat has dissipated and we can help somewhere else.

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