I had the privilege of seeing one of my favorite screamo bands, Raein, play in a warehouse the other night. They hail from Italy and have been putting out solid records for over 10 years. They sounded amazing, had a tight set, and brought an intensity that isn’t seen enough in the punk scene. Here’s a video of them playing somewhere in 2011, followed by the album version of the same song “Se la notte sogno, sogno di essere un maratoneta” (English: When I dream at night, I dream of being a marathon runner)



Two things really struck me after watching them kill it. First, I still find it amazing that human beings are capable of creating something out of nothing. Making music is creation in the most biblical sense. From silence, comes sounds that aren’t always pleasant, but surely purposeful.  The second thing that stood out, was how personal expression can be shared communally. The way we express ourselves is entirely unique, but often dependent on the reception of others. It’s something we inherently do, but don’t always reflect on.

One of my goals is to find more satisfying and honest forms of personal expression. This isn’t just limited to art, music, or even something creative. It will translate to my interactions with friends, family, and strangers. I want to express myself openly and honestly. I’ll take advantage of a passionate and energetic life… or in the words of Raein, “With fire in my eyes, I’m still alive. With fire in my heart, I’m still alive”.


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