Rural Roof Project

In rural parts of the world, but especially Haiti, homes often have thatch roofs that provide some protection from the elements, but are hardly water proof. In a place as wet as Haiti, these thatch roofs are also a breeding ground for triatomine bugs more commonly known as “Kissing Bugs”. Contact with these bugs often leads to Chagas disease, which can lead to many serious complications including death, and is especially dangerous in a place without sophisticated medical care and medicine. So, replacing thatch roofs removes the breeding grounds of these bugs and decreases the incidences of Chagas disease.



Additionally, there is a very real benefit to providing shelter from the elements. When the thatch roofs are replaced with tin roofs, the home owners have one less concern to worry about and a sense of security that is about as basic as they come. In my opinion, to provide someone with shelter is one of the greatest acts of charity you can provide, and the hope and positivity spread to the community. It’s $300 to replace one roof, which includes all the supplies/labor.



The Rural Roof Project is raising funds for tin roofs through shirts and eventually other items (see below). All the shirts are printed on 100% cotton shirts, made in America by union workers (Sweatshop Free). We’re printing all the shirts ourselves to keep costs down and raise as much money as possible for the roofs. You can Preorder shirts at RURALROOFPROJECT.BIGCARTEL.COM.
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