Congratulations: Two New Medics…

Let this serve as the official announcement that two integral members of the Ropa team, our beloved founder, ladies man, and all around stand up guy, Calen, and some other dude we picked up under a freeway overpass who happens to be a marketing guru with a past so shady that background checks lack the sophistication to really pin down his actual problem, Ecko have both successfully completed paramedic school. If you think I was harsh on Ecko and easy on Calen, please understand that everything I said about Calen was in jest.

Shit, that was a long sentence. Don’t nitpick on the grammar or the general awkwardness. Just be excited that two people who sincerely do give a shit about what happens to others are out there with certification to slam lifesaving drugs into your body should your heart decide to stop. I don’t know about you, but it makes me all warm and fuzzy.

All they have to do now is pass the National Registry exam, at which point I will bestow upon them official titles and land rights as they did in the days of yore, in like, I don’t know, England or something.

Until then, send positive wishes their way and go buy some shit. There’s new stuff up almost everyday. Limited quantities sell quick.

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