Going Our Way

A lot of promising events have transpired over the past few days.

During the cholera education talks, people are reciting parts of the talks from last year. So the information stuck. And more, it seems that information is being put into practice. The nearest cholera clinic has closed down. Not due to lack of funding. They shut down a few months ago because there were no more cholera patients in the area. And the girl with the leg came back today for more treatment and a progress check. The knee is still big and warm. Still a long way to go. But her disposition has improved greatly. She seems happier and more responsive. She had been pretty listless.

So the model is working. Still much work to be done, though.

Four more sites for water treatment tanks have been scouted in areas where cholera holds on. Construction has begun on one. And for the other three it’s only a matter of time.

But I come to you with what could be considered alarming news. Despite the state of this country, it is inevitable that Haiti will someday rise up and take over the U.S. How do I know this? Because they have cooler shoes than we do.

And because they’re doing functions and calculus in the 6th grade.

At the same school I also saw them calculating the force of gravity between two objects. But first they converted the weight of the objects from pounds to kilos in line with the rest of the equation. They went ahead and paid attention to the directions of the vectors as well. Sixth grade. If you’re not sure what a vector is, then it’s a reasonable sign that the American education system is failing us. Treason or truth?

We need to step up our game America. It’s no big secret that China is gonna be in charge of us in no time. This is because Asians are super good at math. So it stands to reason that calculus-doing-sixth-graders from the poorest country in the western hemisphere are on the rise. By no means am I saying we should try and hold them back. But it wouldn’t hurt to try and catch up.

I asked around. No one here knows who Snookie is. Probably because that chick can’t do calculus.

And just for your viewing pleasure, a few photos from the clinic. The kids here are still pretty cute.

This photo was taken after about 6 hours of seeing a billion patients in a concrete room without air conditioning. This is Sokan, one of the Peacework volunteers. Sokan doesn’t care. Sokan still has tons of energy. Sokan survived Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. Tropical summers can’t do shit to him. Sokan is a grade A badass.