Road to Recovery

Now we know what cholera is and we know what cholera is doing. It turns out there are also a few ways to fix it.

It’s a poignant image and an important location in the battle. A small child (he’s one of the ones who prefers not to wear clothes) stands next to a running stream holding an empty water bottle. The waterway where this photo was taken was and is infected with cholera. The villages that draw their daily water from this area were constantly ravaged by cholera.

But not anymore.

A little over a year ago, Peacework Medical organized and sponsored the construction of water treatment tanks at key sources of village water. The tanks are inexpensive, low/no maintenance, easy to build, and most importantly, effective. 4 of these tanks were constructed last year. Since then, there have been no reported incidences of cholera in the villages that use them. This is no small matter as prior to the installation of the treatment tanks, several people were dying each day.

This water treatment strategy combined with education about prevention cholera has reduced incidences of the illness in a broader region of rural Haiti where most aid groups don’t dare to go. There is still a long road ahead. But effective steps have been taken. The only thing left to do is continue with those steps. One foot in front of the other.

Ropaderelief operatives are headed back to Haiti on July 9th to continue the effort with Peacework Medical. Cholera hasn’t stopped. So we don’t intend to either. Contrary to most groups who left Haiti as soon as the news cameras did. We were never working in a place where the soft and coddled media types would go anyway.

Anything you purchase from our ebay store or donate to ropaderelief will help Haiti continue on its road to recovery. So save some money and save some lives. It doesn’t take a genius to see that this is a good thing. You can make an actual difference in an actual life just by clicking a button.

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  1. 06.21.12 at 23:13

    Such selfless acts of human compassion – no attachment to personal agenda – rare and necessary. Karma yoga, at it’s finest.

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