Haiti 2012

We’ll be heading back to Haiti in early July with Peacework Medical. Cholera continues to be a problem in the region, now more than 2 years after the earthquake. But slowly and surely, progress is being made. The Haitians are people who are accustomed to struggle and are resilient as a result. Peacework’s focus, as in the past will be on education about cholera, how to prevent it, and how to deal with it if it arises. We will be running a clinic, where every patient receives in depth, simple techniques to reduce the scourge of cholera. These patients come from miles and miles away. And when they return to the villages, they return with the knowledge. Our only hope is that the knowledge spreads faster than the cholera. Generally, we see about 3,000 patients in 10 days. Peacework has also helped build a few water treatment tanks in the area as cholera is most readily transmitted in the water supply. The tanks are already showing dividends. Incidents of cholera are reduced in the areas with access to the tanks.

Peacework is one of the few organizations that goes to the relative backwoods of Haiti. While most aid groups wont travel much further than the area surrounding the airport, Peacework teams go deep into northern Haiti, where the cholera started. It’s a grueling trip. But it’s an important part of making a dent in the problem. And unlike many other organizations who have lost interest in or given up on Haiti as news coverage has waned, Peacework recognizes that the job is far from done and continues to be committed to Haiti. Ropa de Relief looks forward to supporting the efforts of Peacework with donations and on-the-ground work. We’re happy to have found such a tenacious and effective group.

If you get a chance, check out the eBay store or make a donation. Everything you buy supports the efforts of Peacework and groups like it.

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